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A little bit of culture please...

Presentation Summary

The last decade and a half has witnessed an enormous growth in the internationalisation of business. In the case of the UK, this has manifested itself not only in the number of developments with British involvement overseas, but also in the increase of non-British nationals now living and working in the UK.

The gains of such increased cultural diversity are undoubtedly high, but as a number of companies have discovered to their cost, when things go wrong, so are the losses. For those working in Human Resources, a higher than average level of cultural understanding is therefore vital, if miscommunications are to be avoided and business continuity effectively managed.

In this interactive presentation, Douglas Bell, Director of the Language Centre at the University of Aberdeen, will examine a variety of areas in which cultural differences can and do have immediate relevance to the Human Resources field. By sharing case-studies and inviting audience participation in a number of practical, hands-on activities, he will uncover ways in which HR professionals can improve their operational efficiency, minimize their miscommunications and internationalize more effectively by raising their game in cross-cultural awareness